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Death Knight
You will find all of the world of warcraft class information you need about Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Shaman, Paladin, Priest, Warlock, and Warrior on this page, just pick from the wow guides and you will go on your way. World of warcraft can be complicated, but im here to guilde you through the specs and talents so you character is the best it can be in the game. No other site will give you free information on the best world of warcraft talent specs than
This Wow Guide will help you determine what class and talent spec you want to play in world of warcraft. There are 10 classes with 3 talent specs each. That makes a combination of 30 class / specs you can be. I will cover each class and each spec so you can see what is right for you.

The first class is a Death Knight. Death Knights are very good at the melee role, and do very well vs other melee classes. They have a lot of viable talent specs, and you can play with the sub specs with death knights. For pvp, death knights are always good, and play good in group pvp. Death knights are very good solo because of all of the self healing talents.

In pve, death knights can spec for tanking, or they can spec for dps. The talents in these trees will determine your role in the group. Death knights are usually very close to the top on dps meters, and have an easy playstyle at a low level. Death knights can be an extremely complex class, but the spec determines this.

For tanking specs, death knights have one option, but the blood talents will let you tank just as good as any other spec out there. All in all, death knight have a lot of talent specs to chose from, and are a fun class to play in wow.

The second class is a druid. The druid has 3 talent specs, but it really has 4 talent specs. This is because you can chose to melee dps, range dps, heal, or tank. This is the only class that offers this versatility. Druids are a very fun class and each talent spec offers something unique. The tanking talent spec is a very good mitigation spec, and avoidance spec. This spec is usually called upon to off tank because of the ability to switch to the dps form and do a good amount of damage.

The druids ranged dps talent spec offers good utility and damage, and can off heal and resurrect people during a fight. The druids melee dps spec can off tank some, and does a good amount of damage. I personally like the cat form model also. The druid healing talent spec is a great raid healing spec, and can assist on healing the tank as good as any other healer.

All in all, this class offers a talent spec for every roll in the game and will really fit any play style.

The next class is a Hunter. This class has three different dps talent specs, and really offers nothing else. This class offers great solo play and leveling, but the talent specs are very similar. Beast mastery talent specs are usually the best when questing, and marksmanship and survival are usually the best talent specs when dpsing in raids.

The next class is the mage. The mage is a lot like the hunter in that they both have three dps specs and nothing else. These classes do have differences tho, the mage’s specs offer great diversity of play style when compared to the hunters specs. The mage class is very fragile, but can put out a lot of damage. This is a class for those who like to spec to do a lot of damage and control a target.

The next class is the paladin. The paladin offers a tanking spec, a healing spec, and a melee dps spec. Each of the talent specs are very good at their job. The melee dps spec is a unique spec in that it is the only melee dps that uses mana. The protection (tanking) spec offers a lot of group utility and makes multi mob tanking very easy. The healing talent spec is a very good tank healer, and will very easily find its way into a raid due to all of the group buffs.

The next class is the priest. The priest offers some unique talent specs and great raid buffs. The best talent spec in my opinion is shadow. The shadow talent spec will let you heal yourself while damaging others. The healing specs for the priest is either discipline or holy. Holy is a great talent spec for main tank healing, while discipline talent specs are mana efficient and great for burst heals and shields. Priest are great for a second class, but I would not recommend it for your first class.

The next class is the rogue. The rouge is a great class and has 3 dps talent specs. The rogues is unique in how it opens the battle. The rogue talent specs are pretty much played the same, but offers some degree of damage and utility difference. The rogue is a great starter class.

The next class is the shaman. The shaman class has totems. The shaman offers some unique talent specs and is very fun to play. I would rate the shaman as a beginner friendly class with a high skill cap. The shaman can have a healing talent spec, a dps talent spec, and a casting dps talent spec. In my opinion, the Elemental is the easiest talent spec to learn as a beginning shaman.

Then next class is the warlock. The warlock is a pure damage class that is comparable to the shadow priest. Each of the warlock’s talent specs are good damage specs and good self healing specs. The best warlock spec by far to level with is demonology, and affliction usually rules pvp with self heals. I personally like the warlock for any level player.

The next class is the warrior. The warrior offers some different fundamentals, and has some unique talent specs. The most unique thing about a warrior is stances. Stances give warriors the highest skillcap in the game in my opinion. The warrior has 2 damage talent specs and 1 tanking talent spec.

Classes from most beginner friendly, to the hardest are as follows.
3-Death Knight

1-3 are very easy to level and fun to learn with.
4-6 are easy to learn with, but have some difficulties with elite quests if you are very new.
7-10 are hard classes to master, have a lot of dimensions of play, and will die a good bit while leveling.

When at level cap, gear cap, and skill cap, each class is well balanced, and actually equally hard to master completely. All classes are fun, just pick the class and talent spec you like and get good with it.

-Brandon C.   aka.  Darksun22

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